[News]Secret Behind UEE’s Perfect Thighs Revealed?

Yes, It is an undeniable fact that our arising star, UEE of After School, got the perfect thighs among the others on the stage. Jealous? For those who are, and I am pretty sure those are mostly all the girls, UEE has decided to help you all by revealing her little secret. Regardless of her short experience in the entertainment industry, she was able to receive the nickname of "Honey Thighs" alongside Tiffany of SNSD. Under its proud nickname, she revealed her secrets behind her legs on SBS 'Midnight Entertainment' which aired on the 23rd.

UEE said "I was a swimmer ever since I was young." as her secret. This tells us that her legs are the results of an effort that began from her childhood. This contrasts with many of the celebrities nowadays who follow murderous diet plans to tone their body in a short-term period.

She also added "Because of the muscles I gained back then, I am able to keep my legs skinny and tight."

Meanwhile, UEE is cast for a main role in the new SBS drama "You're Beautiful", which airs on October 7th. This will be her second acting role in her short career after appearing on "Queen Seon Duk" as the teen Mishil.


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