[News]Secret to Jessica and Tiffany’s body

On SBS Star King, SNSD's Tiffany and Jessica will be revealing their fitness routine workout.

Their trainers Song Min Suk and Kim Soo Chang have both helped the girls keep their bodies toned since prior to their debut and will finally reveal all the secrets behind the girls' perfection!

As you know, netizens have voted Tiffany as having the "best looking thighs", earning her the nicknames "Honey Thighs" and "Goddess of Thighs."

While things like toned thighs will never grow old, trends like the S-line are so last year! 2009 is all about the X-line and Jessica will show off just that! The X-line refers to the upper and lower body, tied perfectly in the middle by a petite waist. Jessica revealed her workout called the "pelvis kick," which helps make her body look absolutely perfect in a pair of jeans. Song Min Suk is the man behind Jessica's pelvic kick workout and commented, "This workout can be done by yourself anywhere, at home or school, as long as you have an umbrella or a broomstick. If you do this consistently everyday, it can help reduce your waistline and your raise your hips."

Do you want to know how to do these workouts? Stay tuned for this episode of Star King, which will air on September 19!


Wow ! lol tiff's Thigh is hot =X.*Cough*

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