[News]Singer HanYeong gets support from BEG Miryo with comeback

Singer HanYeong will get the support of Brown Eyed Girls member Miryo with her comeback.

Miryo, one forth of Brown Eyed Girls, who had recently caused a topic with their hit song ‘Abracadabra’, will be featured for the rap to HanYeong’s comeback digital single ‘Diet’ to be released on 24th September.

One part of Miryo’s rap goes, “If you go around with a celery in the morning, eating to your heart’s content for lunch and overeat for dinner, it is not right” talking about the process of dieting in the song.

Also through the song, HanYeong reveals the secret process of which she undergoes to maintain her healthy and beautiful body build.

Meanwhile, the MV to the song will be release between 18th to 20th September, and HanYeong will have her comeback on the 4th week of September.


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