[News]T-ara’s Ideal Men?

Just a few days after being asked who they wanted to invite to their dorm, rising female idol group T-ara was asked to reveal their ideal men on music portal site Monkey3.

T-ara's Ji Yeon was questioned if she had ever met a male star whom she had liked prior to debuting. She answered, "Not yet, but Lee Chun Hee is goofy and naive."

Following Ji Yeon, the rest of the girls took their own turns sitting in the hot seat, revealing the men that were the apples of their eyes. Eun Jung answered, "I like Daniel Henney but even if I meet him, I wouldn't be able to get a autograph because I would be too nervous."

Hyo Min answered, "Mine would be Kang Dong Won, who I was only able to see through screens or large panels in front of stores."

And Q-ri answered, "Mine would be Kwon Sang Woo who I always liked, and who I once saw from far away at the movie premiere."

Then So Yeon revealed her ideal man as well, saying it would be Son Dambi's hubby on We Got Married, Marco. She commented, "I met Marco recently during the filming of Invincible Baseball. I tried to show my affection doing Marco's favorite dance using a banana, but he only saw me as cute.

She also voted sunbae Lee Hyori and Wonder Girls as singers she wants to learn from. "I want to learn from sunbae Lee Hyori, especially emulating her effort and passion. Someday I want to be a star like her that does a wide variety of things like singer / actress / model / MC." "I also want to learn from Wonder Girl sunbae's eye-catching performance skills, as well as the ability for each members to shine with their different charms."

It's good to see a star giving Marco some love, although I still miss those Son Dam Bi & Marco couple days on "We Got Married"...


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