[News]Taecyeon’s final stage with Baek Ji Young confirmed

With Nichkhun skipping Star King and Taecyeon and Wooyoung taking a leave of absence from their Inkigayo MC roles recently, it was announced that Taecyeon will be totally off the screen from this Saturday onwards.

2PM's Taecyeon will leave the stage this Saturday, 19th September after featuring for Baek Ji Young's "My Ear's Candy" stage for the last time. This was inevitable following the temporary suspension of the individual activities for the other 2PM members, following the Jaebeom incident. Fans can look forward to Taecyeon for three more stages, starting with M! Countdown tonight, Music Bank tomorrow and the final stage on Music Core this Saturday.

Stopping short of saying that this was because of Jaebeom, a representative for Baek Ji Young said, "Our original plan was to end promotions for My Ear's Candy this weekend anyway. We wish to thank Taecyeon for his wild, sexy charisma and the good chemistry shown with Baek Ji Young for their performances on stage."

This will leave Junho as the only remaining 2PM member to have a solo schedule now as there are no news yet about him getting dropped or leaving Dream Team Season 2, which has just started airing not too long ago. The producers of Dream Team refused to give any assurances, but are saying that they are in continuous discussions with JYP Entertainment about Junho's participation.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    go go taec

  2. Anonymous says:


    “I’ve been keeping quiet for LONG ENOUGH! I set up this fan page as a friend of Jay. There is some few statement i need to clarify

    1. Jay is being pressured to leave 2pm. I wouldnt use the word “forced” as “pressured” is more appropriate dont make me go in details on this.

    2. MOST of the members of 2pm are quietly supporting on the boycott actions that K-hotties are doing now. One of the member told me WooYoung Cyworld message is to hint the Khotties to continue the boycott and fight for Jay, coz they (2pm members) also has been told not to back up Jay.

    3. Jay’s wound is heeling on the previous days until JYP came out with another statement yesterday, which makes him fell into depression again. Please dont leaving message such as : JAY PLEASE COME BACk!. PROBLEM IS HE WANTS TO BUT HE CANT!

    4. Friends like us has been helping him here and there hinting hottest that : Only fans can save Jay’s career now but it seems only 10% of the fans are paying attention on this. PLEASE READ THIS : ONLY FANS CAN SAVE JAY’s CAREER NOW!

    5. Jay has been pouring all his hardwork for 4-5 years to become where he is standing now do you think he will give up coz of such matters and let everything go down the drain? He is really depressing now i chatted with him yesterday he even changed his display picture to an all dark screen. can u guys understand how he feels now?

    6. Do you know how it feels..when you wan to tell the whole world about the truth but you just cant and all these is hurting you loved one? Im feeling VERY VERY HELPLESS thats why i am writing this.

    7. and Yes, Jay has been reading all the comments in websites and all that you guys have been sending him and thats why he was able to feel better until the storm came yesterday. He was doubt about everything again. He is thinking of give up everything now. SO PLEASE HOTTEST, PLEASE TRY YOU BEST TO GET JAY BACK

    8. Lastly, spread this.”

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