[News/Teaser Video]Another Girl Group? Say Hello To Top.AZ

Yes, another one.

Coming soon is a 3 member girl group called Top.AZ (pronounced topaz, like the crystal). At least the name doesn't have weird symbols or anything with numbers in it. Not much is known about this group yet, but looking at their teaser, they are definitely going for the sexy image. Well, unless they are one of those groups that have a totally different style than in the teaser.

Members as seen in compiled video above:
Kim Bom (김봄) - 1st teaser
Kim Sun Young (김선영) - 2nd teaser
Park Hong Ju (박홍주) - 3rd teaser


Sigh another one? i think i will stick back with the current girl groups.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Another girl group????? Hwueekkk!!! ~x(

  2. Anonymous says:

    omg.....tis so drama...so lame....anyways go SNSD!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Its like their c0pying f(x) because f(x) is pr0n0unced effects ang thir top.Az t0paz.theyre copying the uniqueness of the name! xP

  4. Anonymous says:

    wait! is this a trailer of a movie or a teaser video ???
    gosh...WTF...im totally disappoint now..=((

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