[News]*Update*JaeBum declares leaving 2PM, and sets off for hometown Seattle on 8th(Fan account in the airport)

2PM JaeBum will be leaving for the States after he declares that he will be leaving the group officially on 8th Septmber.

JaeBum posted a message on 2PM’s official fancafe on 8th September at 11.59am, with the title to the post “This is JaeBum” informing fans about his leaving of the group.

The incident happened with JaeBum’s Korean-offending messages posted on his MySpace page in 2005 were discovered on 5th September. With that, many Koreans netizens were unhappy and in just 4 days after the incident, JaeBum has decided to leave the group.

JaeBum will be leaving for his hometown Seattle on 8th September. After knowing that JaeBum will be leaving for the states, many fans have stated, “We should prevent JaeBum from leaving Korea. And there are plans for fans to come together at the airport.

After it was declared that JaeBum will be leaving the group, there was a new petition up on Agora to “Stop JaeBum from leaving 2PM”. And it seems that this affection for Korea by JaeBum has came just too late after the incident.

Meanwhile, JaeBum’s message left on the official fancafe on 8th September goes:

Hello. This is JaeBum from 2PM. I’m sorry to give a last farewell with this message. With that very apologetic heart I have, it seems it is hard for me to see everyone on stage again.”

I’m very sorry to everyone. I’m even more sorry to fans who have gave so much love. I will be leaving 2PM from today. I’m so sorry but I have to leave 2PM and you guys because I have been a leader hyung who not only did not give strength but became a burden. I’m once again sorry.”

Meanwhile, it was said that JaeBum has left Korea for the States to evade from being enlisted for military service after the incident, and the case was compared to as the ‘2nd Yoo Seung Joon’ incident.

Meanwhile, at the airport

Accounts from 2oneday

* Fans see 2PM walking through the gates and Woo Young crying..
* Wooyoung fainted.. at the airport
* Jay is already through the airport
* All seven boys are crying. oh god we feel helpless
* Wooyoung is believed to be heading to the hospital..
* He is going to a hospital in Shinchon due to the stress brougth on by Jay’s withdrawal..

DKP author note:I am not really a number one 2pm fan... but this is too much and ridiculous.This make me so sad seeing jae leaving and all the members crying.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i keep reading 2oneday for updating info
    this is sad
    drama TT TT

  2. Anonymous says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO ! Don't go ! Im crying too . *tears* I pity woo young too . Its all the netizen thingy fault .

  3. yuriyuri says:

    Please don't go Jae Beom.....Please!!!

  4. Minako says:

    He's gone now T.T
    I can't believe this!
    Why is this happening?!

  5. Anonymous says:

    people always judge others by their past mistake~
    past is past....
    2pm would never be 2pm if jay out of this group...
    great leader like jay is hard to find..
    realize it netizens!

  6. Anonymous says:

    oh man this is all happening too fast! WHYYYYY! its so unbelievable!

  7. Anonymous says:

    SAD!!! :(( :((they didn't even consider jay's condition. he is still adapting to the environment in Korea when he wrote those stuff and it's been 4 years ago.
    he is such a great leader, it is such a waste for them to let go of him.
    Please come back!!!!

  8. No jay, plz come back...
    2PM still need u, fans still love u lot ..

  9. -Xindi- says:

    i am too torture to read this TTATT
    but it's been passed 4 years! everything changed!
    why can't they talked about this together in peace????
    really, this makes me.. torn TTATT

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dudes, Seriously. That is down right evil. I'm not very fond of using such harsh words, but in this case, I truly feel that it is pure cruelty. It's sad how people can't look past what he said " BEFORE " and look to see what he is " NOW ". When I read this, my eyes were trickling with tears that just won't stop. I mean, to read that ALL members cried and in fact fainted, because some evil freak had to post a petition wanting him to commit suicide is so... BLAH, I can't even describe it. You don't even know the person well enough to say they should die. In fact, You don't have the damn RIGHT to say that shit.

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