[News/Videos]Super Junior-M Sohu Entertainment Interview (includes Text Translation!)

Henry and Ryeowook are loved by the "little" ladies while the other 5 get denied, Kyuhyun in particular gets burned! And they sing a bit of one of their unreleased song form their mini-album, too.

The host made an effort to find & wear a t-shirt with an "M" on it to symbolize SJM, how sweet!
Apparently, it has been 525 days since SJM guested on Sohu last year for theitr debut album. ^^

Okay, Han Geng confirmed it: there are NO REMAKES in this mini-album! Yippee~!!
Apparently, this is the reason why SJM produced a mini-album instead of a full album for their second one...
(Guess they just didn't have enough time and/or resources to make a full album with only original SJM songs this year.)
Also, the mini-album will be released around the end of September, if not a bit later.

(Sigh, there's only written translations for the Korean spoken during the interview, but I FAIL at reading Chinese. T__T)

Anyways, the Super Girl MV took 26 straight hours to shoot (!!!), from 5AM one day to 7AM the next morning. =____=;;;
And Han Geng had to keep changing into different outfits throughout the entire duration of filming.

Ah, so the huge toy sunglasses are in reference to nerdGeng's glasses in the MV. :D
But in response to how Han Geng looked in them, Kyu said "hou lian pi" (literally meaning "thick facial skin", pertaining to the concept of "losing face" in Asian countries) @ 4:02, and then couldn't muster a reason for why he said it... WTH?!?! lmao.
Of course, Siwon came to the rescue and described Han Geng's new look as "hen shuai" (very handsome)... SiHan. ^^

But the host commended Kyu on being brave with his words (and in perfectly pronounced Mandarin no less, heehee), yay!
Then there's a slightly confusing QMi moment that sort of got edited out... hard to explain, but the host thought Mimi also wanted to say something bold about Geng's look when he was whispering to Kyu before, but Mimi said that he was actually trying to offer Kyu a reason for the "hou lian pi" answer... in Chinese, I'm assuming.

Who changed the most between SJM's debut album and the new mini-album release?? Henry (unanimously)
Han Geng said it's because Henry has physically grown taller within the past one and a half years (but later, Henry said he grew only a little). Geng also pointed out that Henry has got a bit of a mustache now (AIGOO!!) in addition to getting skinnier.
Mimi explained that the look of 1ji [sic] was boyish & youthful, which Henry fit perfectly. But now with the more mature & sophisticated gentleman style of the mini-album, Henry has completely transformed to complement the new look.
Henry himself stated (in awkward Mandarin) that because of the sunglasses he wore in the MV, his look has gotten cooler. XP

Whose Mandarin has improved the most over the past year and a half?? Kyuhyun
Lol, Han Geng started to say something about Zhou Mi and paused, which led to the host's sarcastic joke about Mimi being the one who has improved the most (cuz Mimi is Chinese, duh!). Then (amidst all the sloppy video editing), Mimi graciously said all of the Korean members have improved, but admitted Kyu improved the most and gave him an opportunity to showcase his awesome Mandarin-speaking skillz. QMi, QMi, QMi, ahahahaa~! Plus QMi kneeslap @ 7:00! 8^D
Kyu said some stuff that I honestly couldn't understand, especially since he paused & giggled so much in the middle. >__>;;
But apparently, they are examples of pick-up lines that a guy would use on a girl in a courtship type situation (again, WTH??).
When the host asked Kyu why he chose to say this particular phrase, Kyu... had to switch to Korean again... FAIL!! lmao.
Kyu said he learned it from his Chinese friend(s) (back in Korea??)... and they said it was a very good sentence to say to someone, so he used this chance on the show to try it out... pwahahahahaa~!
(ok, maybe my Chinese reading skills aren't completely terrible... >__>)

Challenge: the host wanted the Korean members to say 1 minute's worth of only Mandarin to promote the mini-album.
They put in a lot of effort, and did okay with the usual simple promotional phrases (mainly Donghae & Wookie)...
But I still wanted to hide. ><
Siwon actually did pretty well and kept talking and talking (even if it was 1 or 2 words at a time XD)...
He used some more complicated sentences, and seemed to get Han Geng's approval along the way, heehee. ^^
But yet again, Kyu spews out something unexpected and totally WTH-worthy!!
He said their new album was very "liao bu qi" (literally means something like "too good to be true", but in a narcissistic way... not exactly a proper term that should be used in this given context, rofl), and practically demanded the fans to buy the album, haha!
And of course, Donghae had to finish up with his trademark "we de qing ai de bao bei men" ("my precious babies"), lol.

The boys dancing the Super Girl chorus while sitting down was spectacularly hilarious! XP
Funny, I call it the "motorcycle dance" too!! Han Geng even said it looked like riding a tricycle too, pffft~!

Yay, time for all of them to describe their ideal Super girl:
Mimi (being very eloquent & diplomatic) = "doesn't matter what she looks like or what her personality traits are, but as long as she is the most beautiful in my eyes, then she's my super girl" (why must you be so sweet, Mimi??)
Kyu = "my fans" (nice one ^^)
Han Geng = "when my mother was younger" (such a mama's boy XD)
Henry = "smart... similar to what Han Geng said, like my mother" (copycat, heehee)
Wookie = "my future daughter" (awwwwww... who cares that he messed up the term for daughter, this is too precious!)

(Okay, why did they edit out Siwon's and Donghae's answers?! =___ =)

After tons of netizens applied for the title of "Super girl" and a chance to meet SJM, the 2 adorable little girls were picked. ^^
The boys' surprised expressions when they turned around to discover the two little ladies were sooooo cute!!

But my goodness, they are a tough pair to impress!!
The shorter one even said Kyu looked EVIL after he posed with the flower in between his teeth... ROFL!!!
Siwon called them his princess...
And when there was no reaction from the girls, he said "not enough?" with a dejected look on his face, omo!
Han Geng's attempt was weak, IMO. XP
Donghae said "my angels", but then tried bribing them with money, WTH!
Henry didn't do any better and pretended he had candy in his pocket... **shakes head**
Wookie was so sweet... he asked "do you like pink??"

OMG, Donghae tried to fight for the girl who wanted to pick Henry. XD
The girl said "no reason" when the host asked her why she chose Henry, aigoo~! >.<
Awww, Mochi gave her a quick little peck on the cheek at the end (while Donghae was still fighting for her attention, lmao). XD

But the other girl (Yanyan) who picked Wookie said he was "beautiful" in English, waaaahhh!! Smart & cute! 8D
And Wookie seemed pretty satisfied, heehee. ^^

Yikes, that Yanyan girl is sharp!!
She was like "No, we don't want to dance that. We want to dance something else!" O.O
Poor Mimi reacted by hugging Kyu @ 19:42, ahahahaa~! Oh QMi, bless my heart!
Siwon later said "xin tong" ("heartache")... man, those girls are heartbreakers at their age already? lol.
Kyu looked completely bored, and clearly didn't want to mimic Yanyan's dance (which was too adorable for words, btw).
Haha, I guess gameKyu hates losing under any circumstances. ;P

The very last bit is interesting... they all sang a bit a capella from ANOTHER SONG that they will promote (starting next week?) off of their mini-album called "Dao Le Ming Tian" ("Blue Tomorrow", even though it literally means "until tomorrow")...
It sounds really good, kind of like ALISHY... I can't wait! :D

Translation by stilapixie @ sj-world.net
Video by sjm7rainbow

ETA: Added missing parts!


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