[News/Videos]'Wild Bunny' Writer's Message to Taecyeon + Recent Performances

One of the writers for "Wild Bunny", the reality show starring the boys of 2PM, recently posted some words of encouragement to 2PM's beastly rapper, Taecyeon. Plus, a look at Taecyeon's performances of "내 귀에 캔디 (My Ear's Candy)" since the departure of Jaebum.

After having to endure the departure of his fellow 2PM member and leader, Taecyeon has been continuing his solo activities with Baek Ji Young; promoting "내 귀에 캔디 (My Ear's Candy)" as well as continuing his MC duties on Inkigayo.

A writer for "Wild Bunny", 2PM's reality show on M.Net, wrote on her CyWorld today a message to Taecyeon. She states:

"After I read that you guys will continue your individual activities
I watched Music Bank at home...
It hurt me seeing you like that
Where was the person who always laughed and was full of energy
I keep thinking about you saying that it's hard...
I was going to see you at M. Countdown but I thought it would be harder for you
So I pushed it back... But it was really sad seeing you at Music Bank
You were always by Jaebum's side laughing and playing
When Jaebum didn't understand Korean you translated so that he would easily understand
Mature Taecyeon...
I told you... Even though it will be hard let's believe time will make things better
If you guys are like that it will be even harder for Jaebum
It's tough but we need to fight it right?
Even though it's tough you can't say it's tough
But that is society and the reality so what can we do...
Let's wait until Jaebum comes back
For Jaebum... Be strong...
I want to see you guys smiling soon again."

It must be extremely difficult for Taecyeon to perform on stage and continue his activities. Like the writer mentions, his recent performances with Baek Ji Young have been rather sad to watch. No longer do we see him smiling throughout the performance and enjoying himself on stage. His dancing has also lost its passion and the charisma it used to have. His voice sounds like a combination of being tired and his emotions taking over. Take a look at the performances below (thanks to ahhyala for the tip).

Before Jaebum's departure:

After Jaebum's departure:

There are quite a lot of noticable changes in Taecyeon's performance. Besides the loss of his smile, he doesn't rip off his sunglasses in a beastly manner and he also doesn't have that huge grin at the end of the performance when his lips and Baek Ji Young's lips are dangerously close. It must also be hard on Baek Ji Young to see Taecyeon like this. You can see her trying her hardest to at least get Taecyeon to smile throughout her performance but it's no use.

It pains me so much to see Taecyeon like this. Hopefully he will get a break soon just to cope with this loss. Like what the 'Wild Bunny' writer said, stay strong Taecyeon and we wish to see your lovely smile again sometime soon.

Credits: maybesee @ 2ONEDAY for translations and Wild Bunny's writer's CyWorld.

Video Credits: DORKy0100 and CodeMonmonSeason3


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  1. my heart hurts just seeing him like that.. T_T

  2. Anonymous says:

    yup, it really hurts. But can Wild Bunny ep8 be air? at least we get to watch 2PM recent idol show tgt. I really wan to hear their laughter tgt again

  3. Anonymous says:

    Taecyeon should learn from Baek Ji Young on how to cope with adversity. She is the comeback kid, having been a victim of a crime, massive embarrassment and loss of reputation in Korea. She knows how rough the business is and how unfair the public can be.

  4. Anonymous says:

    sigh taecyeon. he even sounded sad. :(

  5. Anonymous says:

    wow im so touched its so sad, i cried all the tym reading about this really miss Jay hope and pray every day for him to come back .....fighting.

  6. 4nz3 says:

    it really hurt seeing Taec not smiling at all and just performing w/0 enjoyment... im so sad 4 him... hope 2pm will heal all their sorrows... wishing Jay to come back to Korea.. i miss the funny,wild and beasty idol 2pm...

  7. Headshot says:

    Although he`s trying his best, it really hurts me to see him like that.
    I miss the beasty and smiling Taec.
    I can understand why he is like that, he lost his best friend ( they were so close.. miss both of them togehter).

    But Taec FIGHTING! Jay will come back and until then, please give your best as you always do <3

  8. Anonymous says:


    COME BACK SOON!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    jay please come back.
    you can see that 2pm needs you and as well as us fans T_T
    jay you don't want your members to be like this right?
    then please come back T_T
    my heart hurts to see the rest of 2pm members like this T_T

  10. Anonymous says:

    I watched music bank last week and its hurt to watch him..he looks vry gloomy..stay strong oppa!!

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