[DKP NEWS] 2PM's fans returned 3000 albums to JYP!

According to Korean NEWS on September 19th,2PM's fanclub returned 3000 2PM's albums to JYP Entertainment so that JYPE will withdraw the decision made on Jae Beom.

2PM's fans hope that JYPE will give a positive reply on Jae Beom's departure.

The picture below shows the albums that are returned to JYPE!

2PM's solo activites are also affected as all the hottests only believe in “7-1=0” principle on Jae Beom's incident!

Kacey @ Daily K Pop News

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  1. Anonymous says:

    let's continue our boycott!
    we need Jay and Jay needs us!
    we need to speak out for him
    JYP is being ridiculous and he's
    full of bull. 2pm is nothing
    without all 7 members! jay come back!

  2. Anonymous says:

    JYP is the problem. Jay should be
    forgiven and able to move on
    because he isn't who we was before.
    JYP is being a ridiculous and
    irresponsible fake. He is full of bull
    Why is JYP the one to say these things?
    We want an official statement from Jay!
    We need Jay, 2PM needs Jay, and most
    importantly, Jay needs us!
    Let’s support Jay! 2PM is nothing
    without all 7 members!!
    Jay come back!

  3. gosh
    as much as i want jay back this is hurting the members already but then this is going 2 hurt them even more..
    just support them god

  4. Anonymous says:

    We want Jay back!!!!!!!! Go Hotties!!! No Jay = no 2pm

  5. Anonymous says:

    JYP is only afraid that with Jay around will affect his business but now we prove to him that without Jay will make his business downturn. JYP is suppose to care about producing more singer and not care about the money that he earn

  6. Anonymous says:

    Did they even think of the other 2PM's group members ? At the first place, people from korea said things about jaebeom 's blog wanted him to leave , now they want him back ? -.-'

  7. Anonymous says:

    oh my... this isn't right action i think...

    i know the fans really love jay want jay to be back as 2pm leader..

    but.. they shouldn't do that...
    i agree with anonymous #5, do they even think of the other 2pm's members?
    what will they feel if they know that their album CDs were returned back?

    i think it's too much.. jyp might have other thought..
    even we still don't hear statement from jay's mouth..
    it shouldn't be like that..

    think about nichkhun..
    think about wooyoung..
    think about taecyeon..
    think about junho..
    think about chansung..
    think about junsu..

    will they be happy if fans return their album?
    actually i can't accept too about jay's leaving..
    it's very hard for me to admit that..

    and i'm sure it's hard too for 2pm members.. and jay of course..

    but as fans.. i'll never return their album like that.. it's very insulting and impolite..
    you can see.. in that album, jay's picture is still there, even his voice singing again and again..
    and the fans returned it..
    if i'm one of 2pm members.. i'll cry more.. not because no jay, but because fans attitude..

    even anonymous #2 said : 2PM is nothing
    without all 7 members!!

    so what do you think about the other members?? you think they can't do anything? you think it's just jay who did all?
    jay was the best leader among best leader i've known..
    but can you imagine what will jay do if he knows this?
    he'd feel more guilty to other members, because of him, 3000 albums were returned..

    really.. i agree too with [life]live it to its max
    LET'S JUST SUPPORT THEM... no matter what will happen..

  8. Anonymous says:

    why do other 2pm member have to suffer because of jyp and jay??
    hope jyp and jay will do what is the best.

    <3 2pm..

  9. Anonymous says:

    We've gotta support the other 2PM members too.
    They're going through a tough time.

    But i just hope that JaeBeom will go back D:
    Then everything will be solved.
    JaeBeom, be happy!

    But still, 2PM has 7members!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    you know what! im so proud with koreans 2pm's fans for uniting solidly... two thumbs up! if im only in korea I will definitely join those people! but im in the Philippines, and im not korean, im pure filipino.i dont know how... the only thing i could do is spreading the news about them, and sharing all the videos,im introducing them to my friends, i even make friends here in internet and then share everything about them.and all together support 2pm, well i guess... encouraging words will do the support... and im also cheering all the fans there in korea.. be strong and fight! ill be praying all your hardwork will not be wasted! Go 2pm's fans! fight! fight! fight!

  11. Anonymous says:

    this action (returning the albums) do nothing but more harm.. im from singapore & im starting to appreciate korean pop songs.. but i dont know what the 2pm fans are thinking!!!! yes, we know you want jay back.. hell, i wanted him back to join the group also.. but by doing this, you are showing that the other 2pm members mean nothing to you!!!! show them the support that they need now... im worried if the fans are not thinking far, 2pm will be gone in the near future.. stay strong jay.. stay strong 2PM!!!!

    ahmad / singapore

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    i support ahmad from singapore. its a great pain to everyone that jay leave 2pm. but while the hottest doing this (returning the albums back to jyp) will hurt jay's and the other members feelings too. they have worked hard to produced that albums and yet now the hottest are retuning it to jyp to so called 'threatened' them to bring jay back? do you guys ever think what jay will feel when he heard this? will this bring any good to jay? this will make jay more depressed to come back to korea and the group. and doing this, the other members of 2pm, Nichkhun, Teacyeon, Wooyoung, Junsu, Junho and Chansung, will be hurt and that hurt jay too cause he doesn't want the other members to be hurt because of his wrong doings, and about leaving the group. im not siding either part, but the united of the hottest that supports 2pm is great too. but they need to think both good and bad results. i hope this won't bring any harm to any of you guys reading this.
    Stay strong you guys!

    from: ZJ / SINGAPORE

  14. Anonymous says:

    Let's continue fight for JAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    wow, seriously? you guys call yourself FANS/ HOTTESETS!!! shame on you all!!! Jay made the decisions to leave! JYP did not force him to go, quite on the contrary, JYP wanted Jay to STAY! but jay WANTED to go because he couldn't face Korea and his fans and his group members, not because JYP told him to go dumbasses!

    If you are really a hottest, you should respect Jays decision and if you really love 2pm you should continue to support them no matter what because you know what, if there is no more 2pm, there will definitely be no more JAY!

    Do you think all this commotion makes Jay happy?! Jay loves 2pm, he is more likely to be upset that fans is not supportive enough of his fellow 2pm!

    I am upset about what happened too...but you know what...too little too late...Hottests should have done this BEFORE jay left! then maybe he would of stayed, but he's already gone...this won't bring him back, it will only bring down 2pm. I still love 2pm, with or without jay, so why can't you all just support them and make jay proud...who knows, he might come back....so to other hottests, please use your brains and be respectful, gosh, I'm so ashamed of those stupid ppl who call themselves Hottests yet are hurting 2pm :( What they are doing is no better

    PLZ STOP! PLZ just show them LOVE, not RETALIATION! ---PEACE!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    fans don't really think about the consequence, they know what the other 2pm are feeling right now. One day, 2pm may get disband.

  17. Anonymous says:

    although i wants jay to come back too but i dun think the fans should really blame it on JYP..becos we are not him..maybe jay really needs some time before coming back..fans shouldn't just think that its all JYP's fault..and i think its a little over by returning their albums to the company..fans should think more about what they are doing..cos i believe by doing this is hurting 2pm more..show them more CARE AND CONCERN..

  18. Anonymous says:

    hey... all i think is JYP is really bull shittin'..
    i dun think jay dun wanna come back..
    "do u want to go back to korea?"
    "yes.. but i'm not sure"

    that mean he want to...
    wt the fxck JYP can be like this... he just ignore jay's feeling..
    and he just afraid of netizen tat anti jay....
    the statement he published is just policy of JYPE.. not really jay's want...

    If fans being peace. no more hope on JAY..

    GOOD JOB! Korea fans!

    although it is a bit unfair to other group members.. but i think they should understand what fans feeling.. and i think that they all want jay come back as well...

  19. Anonymous says:


    “I’ve been keeping quiet for LONG ENOUGH! I set up this fan page as a friend of Jay. There is some few statement i need to clarify

    1. Jay is being pressured to leave 2pm. I wouldnt use the word “forced” as “pressured” is more appropriate dont make me go in details on this.

    2. MOST of the members of 2pm are quietly supporting on the boycott actions that K-hotties are doing now. One of the member told me WooYoung Cyworld message is to hint the Khotties to continue the boycott and fight for Jay, coz they (2pm members) also has been told not to back up Jay.

    3. Jay’s wound is heeling on the previous days until JYP came out with another statement yesterday, which makes him fell into depression again. Please dont leaving message such as : JAY PLEASE COME BACk!. PROBLEM IS HE WANTS TO BUT HE CANT!

    4. Friends like us has been helping him here and there hinting hottest that : Only fans can save Jay’s career now but it seems only 10% of the fans are paying attention on this. PLEASE READ THIS : ONLY FANS CAN SAVE JAY’s CAREER NOW!

    5. Jay has been pouring all his hardwork for 4-5 years to become where he is standing now do you think he will give up coz of such matters and let everything go down the drain? He is really depressing now i chatted with him yesterday he even changed his display picture to an all dark screen. can u guys understand how he feels now?

    6. Do you know how it feels..when you wan to tell the whole world about the truth but you just cant and all these is hurting you loved one? Im feeling VERY VERY HELPLESS thats why i am writing this.

    7. and Yes, Jay has been reading all the comments in websites and all that you guys have been sending him and thats why he was able to feel better until the storm came yesterday. He was doubt about everything again. He is thinking of give up everything now. SO PLEASE HOTTEST, PLEASE TRY YOU BEST TO GET JAY BACK

    8. Lastly, spread this.”

  20. Anonymous says:

    its so super confusing!
    jay said that he is not sure if he wanna come back...
    but jyp said that he dun wan to come back..
    who shld we trust!
    n abt this boycott thing?
    im not sure..
    some said that wooyoung was actually supporting this..
    but im not sure..
    and all those who said that this boycott is hurting the members...
    im sure its also hurting the fans..
    i heard that some also returned the signed albums...
    and i believe it is a really tough decision for them..
    to return the signed album..
    maybe the fans there feel that this is the only way for jay to return
    so yea!
    jay come back!
    so that all this things will end soon!
    and i hope that jyp will be willing to allow jay to come back!
    i mean if they are the one who asked him to leave..

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