[PICTURES] f(x) models for Vogue Girl

f(x) is rocking some new fashions for Vogue Girl in their first official photo shoot.

The shoot comes less than a week after their debut and is another sign of their rising popularity and success.

In an interview with the girls, Krystal said, "We've been saying that we've been through a lot to get here, but because my sister, who is a senior to us, has been cheering us on, it's been very enjoyable."

Amber joked around saying, "Krystal has the elegance that I don't have." To which Krystal replied, "Amber likes me too much."
Pictures below:

credits to allkpop & vogue girl

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hahahaa LOVE Amber channeling G-dragon in that last pic xD

  2. waaah~! my amber holds krystal's hands. ._. go go go f(x) hwaiting.!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    is that sulli and luna in the first pic? where's victoria? D:

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