[PICTURES] Jung Sisters' gestures are look a like

Netizens say:

* “Jessica teaches Krystal well”
* “Because they are sisters, even that little gesture look alike”
* “Funny thing, for me, Krystal look more like Yuri+YoonA“
* “Krystal doing her best to be just as good as her sister”
* “Awww Jung sisters”
* “I think Super Junior YeSung does that too, looks like a SM characteristic to me”
* “Jung sisters after all, I like them a lot”

The 2 have earned the nickname of ‘Jung sisters’ from netizens.

See their pics below! and What do you think?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I gotta agree, she looks like more like Yoona to me. :O

  2. Anonymous says:

    yeah , she looks like yoona more :))

  3. Anonymous says:

    ya~~~ she look like yoona+yuri~~

  4. elle says:

    Uhm... To be honest I totally noticed that move too when I was watching.
    But I think Krystal would prefer to be Krystal, not only "Sica's little sister"...and also, loads of artists do that (uhm, Taeyeon?) Most singers who do high notes/longer more powerful adlibs do that? I'm pretty sure.

  5. d'petals says:

    like yoona n sometimes yuri...

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