[Pictures]Hottests can only watch Jae Beom leaving ....

The impact of Jae Beom's departure is huge, i don't want to see this happening....

Anyway,we still have to respect Jae Beom's decision.Maybe he is just "off" for now,i think we will see him in the future and matured man on stage!!

That's what i can say to calm you guys down.....Actually,i really don't want him to leave 2pm,please dont leave us!!

(reports on them arriving in suits were fake)

Credits: From twitter - twooneday & GyL21

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  2. Anonymous says:

    it is your future...

  3. Anonymous says:

    thx to the netizens. THOSE NETIZENS DIU LEI LOU MO.

  4. kacey says:
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  5. T_T As much as I wish this isn't happening. Reality has kicked in. I can't believe this is happening just because of a comment he made FOUR YEARS AGO. I really can't believe it. Jaebum WE NEED YOU! I hope he feels better after reuniting with his family though.. You'll never be forgotten PARK JAEBUM!

  6. Anonymous says:

    oh my goooodnesssssssssssssssssssssss T_T
    why?why?why did u have to leave uuuuuuuuhuuuuuu just because of all those stupid/f*cking/b*tches/retarded/etc ANTIFANSSSSSS.
    im going to blow all of their heads offffffffffffff grrrrrrr >:,[
    whats going to happen to 2pm now? a 6 member group?no it wont be fun wothout jaebum! a new member? NO, if they put a new member and whoever is it im gonna hate him all my life T^T.
    i hope one day jaebum returns and teach those stupid/f*cking/b*tches/retarded/etc antifans A LESSON..u just wait antifans cause im gonnna kill u all !!! SARANGHAEYOOOOOOO JAEBUM~OPPPAAAA ♥♥♥♥ im gonna curse all of those antifans all my life T_T


  7. Anonymous says:

    i wish jyp was there
    he would not let jay make that decision
    now it's 2 late
    hope that he just off for awhile
    *sniff sniff*

  8. Anonymous says:

    omg..is this really happened? i cant believe..is he killed someone? or is he burn korea flag live? or is he starring in a xxx movie? sound silly but yeah..he doing nothing wrong..with such a comment that everone can put in their own blog..why cant he?why must he leave? now i understand why he say korean is a gay at the first place..yeah really gay..stupid people that live outside there..

  9. Anonymous says:

    are u all satistfy nw..... o0o the anti, go back home sleep.. dont ever come out...

  10. Anonymous says:

    ASSHOLE. he alr said that he's proud to be a korean alr ISN'T IT.
    ASS JYP.

  11. those fucking netizens who big deal this issue..go to hell...make ur self perfect before u react like that...!!!!!damn!!!!!!jaebom pls dont leave us,dont leave us who believe your talent....

  12. i was really pissed off when i read the earlier post..

    'we never expected him to leave'

    gosh... i was seriously mad when the netizens said tht...
    seriously those netizens really think they r perfect dont they??

    i am really x100 going to miss jaebum..
    *sniff sniff*
    i feel so helpless...

  13. Anonymous says:

    i want jay back!!!
    i was hoping the fans could stop him from leaving.

  14. Gg says:

    I'm not quite a fan of 2PM, but i love their music, and I swear, the Netizens think they are all so great, but they do all that petition and put downs to get Jae out, and when a comment comes like

    "We never esxpected him to leave"

    Well wake up, you just did something unforgivable, at least he adknowledge is wrong doing and full-heartly apolgise for it becuase his views change. People's views changes when they grow older. I mean, when we were younger, maybe in primary school or something, we all thought that picking your nose was cool or farting in public made you a god, but... wait for it.... we don't think that anymore. we think it's disgusting or simple unforgivable. Anhother example is that when we were younger we think that a certain food is just horrible in taste and would rather chew on cardboard than eat that food, but... wait for it again... we might absolutely love it when we grow up and couldn't live without it for a day.

    The netizen's not only made this tiny little thing into this big drama, but had to say that stupid comment saying that they didn't think it was actually going to happen, WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN???!!! YOU WANTED IT TO HAPPEN AND NOW YOUR LIKE "Oh didn't know it was going to be like that" Well you know what? Everybody says a lot of stuff which was never thought clearly enough,and you ain't perfect anymore netizens because you've done something online that is infinity time worser that saying "Korea is gay" that was never thought clearly first off and that is saying "we never expected him to leave" and doing all those stuff that wasn't even thought clearly enough, you, netizens, should be ashamed of yourself.

    Those netizens think they are all so powerful and put all those sh** online, if they think they are THAT great, how about trying to become a singer or a celebrity and stop hanging in front of the computer 24/7. DO SOMETHING MORE ENGAGING IN THE SOCIETY FOR GOD SAKES!

  15. Anonymous says:

    damn, who are the netizens that hate him so much? gonna fire them ! Bye Jay :( come back asap!

  16. i really support what Gg said

  17. Anonymous says:

    OMGOSH this is so damn depressing. If you read th reports carefully, JYP said its okay for jay to stay, but he opt out on his own first. JAE!!! why must u do this?! No blames you anymore!! T.T

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