[Rumor/2 Article]2009 Dream Concert – will Dong Bang Shin Ki and 2PM participate?

There has been great interests on whether groups 2PM and Dong Bang Shin Ki will participate for 2009 Dream Concert this year.

A staff from 2009 Dream Concert said on 8th September, “There will be 15 performing teams for 2009 Dream Concert on 10th October – Big Bang, 2PM, Super Junior, Jewelry, So Nyeo Shi Dae, MC Mong, SHINee, 2NE1, 4Minute etc.”

The staff talks about group Dong Bang Shin Ki, whose 3 members have recently been in a contractual disagreement with their company SM Entertainment, “Even though fans’ anticipation for Dream Concert is big, it is more important for Dong Bang Shin Ki and their company to settle their disagreement amiably. Like everyone else, we hope that all 5 members will come together on one stage again.”

And also on 9th September, there has been great interests on whether group 2PM will participate with member JaeBum leaving the group earlier on 8th September. JaeBum has also left Korea for his hometown Seattle in the States where his family is. While that, 2PM’s future plans are still not confirmed.

Meanwhile, the staff to the Dream Concert said, “I look forward to have music lovers in their teens and 20s take part in this concert where all the popular Kpop singers will perform on one stage. Tickets will be available on GMarket (www.gmarket.co.kr) from 10th September at 8pm.”

On the side note, here’s a recent cap of Dream Concert poster (without JaeBum)

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Will DBSK attend Dream concert?

Many are wondering whether TVXQ, the group swept with disbandment rumors after their dispute with their agency erupted, is planning on attending the '2009 Dream Concert' that is set for October 10th.

TVXQ has already signed a contract with Yeonjae Corporation, who is in charge of the concert, stating that they will be attending. However, as their dispute with their entertainment agency continues to build, their attendance is becoming uncertain.

On the 8th, Yeonjae Corporation announced 15 teams, excluding TVXQ, who would be attending the concert. Through an official statement Yeonjae Corporation said, "15 representative teams who have swept the 2009 Kpop industry will be attending such as Big Bang, 2PM, Super Junior, Jewelry, Girls' Generation, MC Mong, SHINee, 4 Minute etc."

However, Yeonjae Corporation did not forget about the chance that TVXQ may be added to the list later on. The corporation said, "On April, we drew up a attendance contract with SM Entertainment and confirmed TVXQ's attendance," and "The fans' anticipation of the 'Dream Concert' is big. Also, for the expansion of the Korean music industry and the Hallyu Wave, it is important that the members of TVXQ and SM Entertainment settle the issue on a good note. Everyone here hopes that all five TVXQ members return to the Kpop scene as the King of the Hallyu Wave."

Fans have not been able to see all five members on one stage in Korea since the dispute erupted on July 31st between SM Entertainment and three members of TVXQ. With the 'SM Town Live 09' Concert, that was supposed to happen on August 16th, indefinitely postponed, fans have been waiting eagerly for a chance to see all five members on one stage again.

There is a chance that TVXQ will appear at the 'Dream Concert' to reply to the voices of the fans who want to see their performances. One representative of Yeonjae Corporation said, "We cannot say for certain, but Yeonjae Corporation is trying its hardest to get TVXQ on stage at the 'Dream Concert' so the only thing we can do is hope for the best."

The Dream Concert is hitting its 15th year and is expected to attract around 5,000 international fans from countries such as Japan, Thailand and China. The concert will take place at 6:30 pm on October 10th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Tickets go on sale at 8 pm on the 10th this month and can be purchased by typing 'DreamConcert' in the Gmarket search engine.

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DKP Author Note:This is NOT a confirmation of ANYTHING of the concert. It is simply a lineup for ONE concert and the poster was edited based on the assumption of the Dream Concert company.

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  1. wake up call! says:

    First and foremost, you should know that 2pm fanbase has already expanded internationally and I’m writing from Singapore. Koreans netizens have displayed their narrow mindedness in the way they handled this issue. As for JYPE which is an international company, I strongly believe that your will handle this issue appropriately and not put Korea in a shame again.
    Do your not have the rights to stop someone from leaving? If your don’t have the power to do so then in the first place why sign a contract when the person can leave just as when he/she likes.
    Secondly, your were the one who gave the opportunity to Jaebeom, and now your are just going to let him go like that. After ALL the time and effort and money you have put into grooming this talented artist?
    It’s a shame isn’t it?
    In the first place, your should have protected him NO MATTER WHAT mistakes he have made. If not, who would ever think of working for a company like yours who does not put the interest of the artist at stake?
    Your are letting the antis step over their boundaries.
    Lesson learnt: Korean Antis are Influential
    A few thousand people can influence your decisions to stop 2pm activities, ha, is Korea that small? Then let me ask you, if you say you are worried about the antis, what about 2pm fans who form a greater proportion than those antis. What about them? Have you spared a thought of how they feel?

  2. wake up call! says:

    Thirdly, Jaebeom or anyone close to him who read this, tell him Don’t run away, what shame have you done to deserve such treatment. You should face it and prove to the Koreans wrong. You are a changed man now, why fear those who dislike you? It’s not like everyone is perfect and don’t make mistakes. YOU CANNOT PLEASE EVERYONE AROUND YOU. You are bound to have people who will dislike you in your life. And you should have known it very well since the day you step into this entertainment industry, rivalries and enemies are bound to arise. People try to find fault with you, yes, you were in the wrong, you apologized and that’s enough. Hey! Wake up man, one little setback like this and you decide to give up your dreams, that’s childishness. Stop running away, come back to Korea and face people’s criticism like a MAN! No fear, for you have done nothing WRONG! What’s bygones is bygones, I know that you are probably thinking about how much people hate you, but come on, do those antis hate you as much as we, 2pm fans, LOVE YOU???
    As a leader, how can you just run away like this in the middle of this storm, leaving the rest of the 2pm members to fend for themselves? Maybe you are thinking to yourself that if I leave, then people will only hate me and not 2pm, in that case you are WRONG!
    This isn’t the end, I’m sure the rest of the 2pm members will bound to face the same thing as you in the future, you sure you want them to follow your step and leave 2pm?
    Ha then what would be of 2pm in the future if a simple mistake they make in the past can cause them to leave the team
    2pm would be a zero member team because everyone WOULD have make mistakes in the past.
    Come on Jay, you need to be strong, you need to overcome this, or else your fellow members will always have to live in the fear of having their past mistakes raked up one day. You need to stand strong against those antis, come on, you are doing this not for yourself, but for 2pm members, for your entire fan, for hottest and for the rest of the artist in the entertainment industry who were once slandered. YOU GOT TO MAKE A STAND and show the antis that where they stand. Antis are gaining far too much authority than they deserve.

  3. wake up call! says:

    Lastly to JYP team, Jaebeom gave up everything in Seattle to join JYP, is that all your can do for him? That’s totally a pity. If I were Jaebeom and I knew that this was what JYP is, I would’nt have took this opportunity at all.

    For you antis out there, you better be regretting out there somewhere, be ashamed of yourself, one piece of advice, take a good look at yourself first before criticizing others. Your actions have just shown how ignorant and immature you guys are. You better reflect upon your actions and change, if not good luck, for I’m sure your attitude will bring you no far in life.

  4. Anonymous says:

    well said *claps*

  5. Anonymous says:

    indeed..antis are stepping over their boundaries irregardless of which artists they are anti of..
    his decision to quit only shows them that all the other antis have the influential power to do watever they want as well..encouraging other antis to do something similar
    such immature n childish acts from people..

  6. Anonymous says:

    to wake up call! : hmm.. *claps*, by the way, for whom you said that?? why did you write 'you', who is 'you'??

  7. Anonymous says:

    clap to wake up call....i hope jae read n change his mind... im wondering wat the other member doing/felt right now?

  8. Anonymous says:

    In regards to Wake up Call!'s comments. I don't think this is the time to take your anger and start pointing fingers at everyone. What's done is done, and yes there are numerous people that are upset by it. Rather than placing blame on people (Nietzens/Antis, JYPE, and Jay) lets think about it in their point of view. I am not condoning what Neitzens said, as there should be no excuse for telling someone to commit suicide, but they were hurt for what he said years ago. We all take pride of our heritage and the country we live in, and for someone to say what he said hurt their pride. And it takes time to heal those wounds. Wouldn't you be upset if someone said your country was gay? I think so. Yes, it was taken out of context because in North American culture, the word "Gay" seems to be thrown out often, to the point it almost becomes meaningless, but when read by a person unfamiliar with North American culture, we can see how things can be blown out of proportion.

    Second, let's not blame Jay. It was his decision to leave and let's support him. He feels that it would be best to lay low for now, and it won't do any good calling him a coward. As a leader he is taking responsibility the best that he knows how, and unless you are faced with what he's feeling, let's not judge his decision about leaving 2PM.

    JYPE is also not to blame. JYPE is treating Jay like family. Rather than forcing him to stay because of a "contract", they are letting him make the decision, and I am pretty sure that it was not an easy decision to let him go. I can only assume that they did not want to see this outcome.

    For now, let's support Jay's decision and move on. We can only take this loss one step at a time. There is no use playing the blame game right now. What's done is done. Let's remember what Chansung said: "Let's Walk Together"

  9. Anonymous says:

    JYPE is not to blame actually! You think that they will allow him to leave if he didn't insist? That's what Jay wants and though it's a gamble (JYP trained him for 4 years and has a 7 year contract with them), JYP let him go...which proves how much JYPE respects their artists.

  10. Anonymous says:

    wake up call
    u my hero

  11. Anonymous says:

    D: only six 2pm members in the poster..

  12. d'petals says:

    yeah...big round of applause 2 wake up call!!!

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