[Rumours] SNSD's Second Album Tracklists?

Dear visitors, i found this news on Soompi and i am not sure whether this is the complete list or not but i am pretty excited that all the members are going to sing "Can Yo Hear Me" together..

Besides,they will also sing S.E.S's Oh My Love.Please take notes that this is only rumours...Please stay with us for more updates on SNSD's Second album!

1.INTRO~It's Girls' Generation Again~(작곡,작사:Kenzie)
2.Mannequin GIRLS
3.Look At Me(작곡,작사:황성제)-BabyBaby 작곡,작사가
4.Oh My Love(S.E.S Remake)
5.사랑은선율을타고(베토벤바이러스 OST)
6.Sweet Dream(작곡,작사:유영진)
7.HOT PINK(작곡,작사:Kenzie)
8.YouYouYou ARE(작곡,작사:이재명) -Kissing you 작곡,작사가
9.애송이의 사랑
12.fly high(작곡,작사:황성제)-BabyBaby 작곡,작사가
13. Oppa Nappa (소녀시대ver.)
14. If (소녀시대ver.)
15. Can You Hear Me? (소녀시대ver.)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    YES!! I hope this is not a rumor!
    I love SNSD!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i'm so excited.. snsd jjang<33 can't wait for their 2nd album..

  3. Anonymous says:

    yeh...the 2nd album are coming soon. Can't wait it

  4. Anonymous says:

    did they sing tiffany's solo ost?

  5. Anonymous says:

    It is a rumour. I saw this some where months ago when they said it was supposed to be the album after gee. -.-

  6. etablo says:

    its a rumour. hmmm.. i don't think so.. but if its true.. i hope! lol

  7. Anonymous says:

    na...its rumoured SNSD never releases albums with so mani songs...and lol kenzie the producer of 2 songs in tis album im sure it was after gee lol..cause kenzie did gee

  8. Betty says:

    Is this their 2nd album?OMGG!!CANT WAIT

  9. Yay Love it!!! Can't wait Jesica Saranghae!!!

    From Phil...

  10. Anonymous says:

    i thought etribe were the guys who composed GEE
    kenzie composed LACHATA

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