[NEWS]Tablo to his unborn baby, “Let’s meet soon, but don’t do hip hop!”

Epik High Tablo talks truthfully about his feelings when he knew about his to-be-wife Kang Hye Jung’s pregnancy.

Tablo was on MBC ‘Golden Fishery – MooReupPa’ aired on 30th September when he said, “I was the first to know about Kang HyeJung’s pregnancy and we met and talked. As compared to being excited, I was shocked. But I gave my congratulations to HyeJung right away.”

He added, “The first thoughts that came to me was “I have so many things I still don’t know”. I should learn driving. And I need to pay a visit to the bank, did I put aside some money? And I need to learn some financial technology.. There were so many thoughts in my head.”

He said, “I didn’t know I will get married with Kang HyeJung so fast. When I know that she was with a child, I thought, ‘Alright we have a baby now. HyeJung and I made a baby’. I want to be with the one I love my whole life.”
“For HyeJung, I can give up my dream”

“I will become a man who can do everything for this woman. My dream is that we will have a happy family. Even though music is my dream too, there is only one way to fulfil this dream. I can compromise with the reality. I want to work down the happy lane with Kang HyeJung. If I need to compromise, I will. I want to be a good father and husband and I’m thankful of that.”

“The only way out is to choose one. And love have to my dream now. Kang HyeJung does not want me to change, and want me to be with her and love her. She said she will love the me who will dream my dreams and walk the path I want to.”
And to his baby…

Tablo also left a little message for his baby, “Let’s meet soon! But don’t do hip hop”
The story behind graduating from college in 3 years 6 months

Tablo revealed that the secret story behind graduating from Stanford University in just 3 years and 6 months.

He revealed something that even his parents do not know, “I decided to quit school when I was in my sophomore year in university.”

He said, “I have a close friend from high school who is good at arts. He also discovered something new. That friend went to a theatre school. That friend was sick and he had some brain illness. He was in Korea, but by the time I reached Korea I was 4 hours late.”

He said, “When someone is alive, we don’t realise it. But when he/she stops breathe, the truth goes right to us. It was truth that my friend stop breathing. That friend, before he died said, “The person I respect the most in this world is SeonOong”.”

“I was young then and confused. I don’t know the sorrow and the anger about death at first. I only thought that I continue my friend’s dream for him, which is the theatrics. I told myself I cannot fulfil that dream and can’t tide through it, and called my noona.”

Tablo continued, “Even though I’ve decided to quit school, there was the credit that I can graduate if I just attend a little more of school. It was a credit which I saw as impossible. But I ended up finished the course in a year.”

“I finished it in a year. I have sense knocked into me and received treatment as I attend university. It was really tough then. Till the very last day of school, I thought that if my friend was still alive he will be proud of me.”


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