[UPDATES] Tae Yeon's Weekly Chin Chin Radio Corner (first week of September)

For those SNSD fans, most importantly Tae Yeon fans, who can't get enough. If you've been dying to watch Tae Yeon on Chin Chin as a DJ, but don't want to watch all the boring stuff in between. You can find the best cuts here. There will be new posts every week, with the exception of weeks with no boras (viewable radio).

090902 Chin Chin - 2NE1's "I Don't Care" (w/ Tae Yeon)

090902 Chin Chin - Tiffany of SNSD's "By Myself" (w/ Tae Yeon)

090902 Chin Chin - SHINee's "In My Room" (w/ Tae Yeon)

090903 Chin Chin - SNSD's "Etude" (w/ Tae Yeon)

Tae Yeon: The Super Model (090903 Chin Chin)

Tae Yeon: The Dry Ice Scientist (090903 Chin Chin)

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