[Video]F(x) Practicing their dance/Making of Lachata MV

Video Credits:Sment

The title of the video is in Korean. After watching the video it is mainly about them practicing their dance and debut, Making of Lachata MV and never seen before photoshoot !.

They work so hard, sweating so much :) They aren't complaining unlike some other people. Enjoy !

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  1. ice says:

    Ah. I like Amber's longer hair. :)) She's my favorite. And I like it when she wore earring. And how cute is she wearing those blue shorts!! :)))))) Love her.

    Hey in the last part of the video was that Krystal hugging Amber? Cute. :)) But why is Amber like protecting her chest. :P

  2. Anonymous says:

    :They aren't complaining unlike some other people.
    haha LOL!

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