[Cyworld] Hangeng's Diary Entry Update

I heard all of you, saw all of you, feel all of you!

Happy National Day, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! haha~ My holiday is over,from the day i arrived at Qingdao i have
started my intensive work, working is tired but i’m very happy, Qindao is a good start, seeing all of you wearing
the hat, small flag and the banners,i heard all of you shouting my name over and over again,to cheer me up with all the slogan,the most
important is i felt everyone’s enthusiasm and love. thank you for all the efforts,thank you for the support, the behavior
you guys gave me, make me even want to work harder,i believe my stage is your gift, i will prepare this gift with many colors. haha
(to the fans who went to the airport (you all have worked really hard), still the same sentence, becareful not to get injured. and to all the fans, next time don’t spend money on the gifts,it’s not worth spending on the gifts.)

i love all of you!!!!!!!

Soucre: Hankyung CYworld
Trans: milo@SJ-WORLD.net

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