[Cyworld] Heechul's entry is in response to f(x) Sulli's post on me2DAY

'Since Sulli put it up.. I will talk about Sulli
When I first saw that kid.. Since I’m 23.. When she was 12?
...........(-┏) Putting it like that, that’s a really big difference.. LOL LOL

At that time, it was right before I was debuting and since it was my loner days I was pretty cold to others
My eyebrows were thin and my hair was orange.. On top of that, I went around with an expressionless face..

Especially, it would’ve been very difficult for the younger friends LOL LOL
Even all the female trainees of the company were afraid of me.. (T^T)
Aside from Sic no other girls talked to me
But there was one kiddo

Sulli: Obba, hello! (A rather clear tone. Unable to just imagine it)
Me: Yes? Yes..;; Uh.. Yeah.. (Suddenly taken aback. What’s this? This feeling)
Sulli: Heeheeheeheehee (^▽^) (Feeling the peak of happiness as if winning an election)
Me: (-┏)....(What, What’s with her;;)

Sulli is the kiddo who appeared in 'Seodong’s Song'and she’s a pretty cute and bright kid.
And in the future..
This kid quickly grew up to become the 'Sulli' of 'f(x)'

Sudden end

Ah because I was all of sudden sleepy LOL LOL LOL LOL
Later when Sulli and I take a picture together I will post it up LOL LOL'


haha!~ How cute! Can you imagine how Sulli say obba( in a cute way when she was 12)
and not oppa? hahahah :) He has definitely changed over the years from a harsh and
anti-social person to a caring and friendly one!
I bet Sulli must have had lots of courage back then to talk to him!!!
Imagine if heechul reply: ' YAH! WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME!'
hahahahha, just kidding =)

Credits: Translated by endorphin @ sj-world.net

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  1. Anonymous says:


    currently listening to arirang fm.. kekekke..

    they're playing FT ISLAND'S LIE

    go to this site.. you can choose what radio station you want to here around the world.. kekekke...

    [but can't find sukira kiss the radio... :(]

    ~i'm out of the topic.. hahahha..

  2. Anonymous says:

    ooohh.. here is the link


  3. Anonymous says:

    heechul oppa whr r u?
    lol i cant c u!!
    u look like almost one of SHINee~~
    whoa amber~~ <33

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