[Cyworld]091012 Eunhyuk Cyworld UPDATES !

역시 엘프~!!! 잘한다!!!!!ㅎㅎㅎ
진짜 무대에서 뛰어내려서 3층까지 뛰어가구 싶었음ㅜ
드림콘서트에 와 준 엘프를 비롯한 모~든 팬 여러분
그리고 다른 많은 분들 모두 진심으로 감사드립니다 (__)b
그리고 기자분들께는 너무 죄송합니다~
리허설순서가 예정보다 많이 딜레이되고 차도 막히는 바람에...
포토존에서 오래 기다리시게 해서 너무너무 죄송합니다ㅜ
아무튼.....무대에 있을 땐 진짜.........좋다^ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ

After all it's ELF ~!!! Well Done !!!!!! ㅎㅎㅎ
On the stage overlooking the three-layer , I really have the urge to run there !
Dream Concert is held specially for ELF and other fans
and also for other people too , sincerely I thank all of you (__)b
And also towards the reporters , I feel really sorry .
The rehearsal that has been pre-scheduled , it had been delayed a lot ,
this is because of the traffic jams .
I really really feel sorry to let you all to wait for so long .
Anyway , when I am standing on the stage ...... the Feeling is just too GREAT !

This is a rough translation since i translated it from a chinese translation . Eun hyuk seems like he is very delighted with Dream Concert and ELF . Enjoy reading !

Source :http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=654424159 , 暖色倾城 , www.sujucp.com
Credits : 灵儿 , 赫宰的橘子

-Estee♥~28 @Daily Kpop News

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ELF all over the world is really the best!!!! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Always rooting for SUJU! HWAITING!

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