[DKP NEWS] After School's UEE expressed her love for her team members

UEE posted a new post on her Cyworld on 27th September to express her love towards her team members.

To Jung Ah :"Jung Ah unnie,ke ke ke our cute sister!Are you fared up with me ask i always ask you this and that,i am so sorry about that,do you know that i really love you?You are like our mother,Jung Ah unnie!I miss you all the time and love you very much!"

To Ga Hee :"Our leader Ga Hee! you always encourage us when we meet any difficulty! Thanks !You know that i can't live without you!I Love you!"

To Joo Yeon :"My roomate Joo Yeon! Always fight and joke with me!She will think about when to tidy up our room as soon as she steps into the house,i am so lucky to meet you!You will comfort me when i encounter any problem!We will chat until sleep every night,i find that i live you more day by day!"

To Beka :"Be ka ka ka ka ,you practiced so hard until i have forgotten that you are the maknae!When we are tired,you will make us laugh with your cuteness!It seems like yesterday you are learning your Korean hard but you are confident with it now,you are always the maknae we love the most!"

To So Young
:"To So Young unnie who is always caring.You match well with yellow,i admire your freshness,you always make us worried about your weak body!I will love you forever!"

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  1. Anonymous says:

    well, of course she should. She jumped in late and she stole the spotlight.

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