[DKP NEWS] f(x)'s Interview on Yoon Gun Radio!

Some of the interviews during the show

1.MC:Krystal,you are the sibling of SNSD's Jessica,but why two of you don't look so similar?
Krystal:Erm...bu tmany people say that i look like my sister.

MC:You are like SNSD's Yoona instead.
Sulli:She also looks like Yuri
Krystal:I am really happy to be compared to them as Yuri and Yoona unni are very pretty,but i am still Jessica's sister.

2.MC:Recently,many people compared you guys with SNSD,so compared to SNSD,what's your advantages?
Victoria:I have learned dancing for 10 years!

3.MC:Krystal,who is actually your real sister?You look like Yuri and Yoona,is Yoona your real sister?
Krystal: My sister is SNSD's Jessica!
MC:Then who do you think is more beautiful,you or your sister?
Krystal:I think my sister is more beautiful!

Other members:Both also beautiful!!

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Their Cut on the show

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  1. She looks more YOONA or YURI LOT!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hahaha the mc is so funny..the mc ask krystal if yoona is her real sister..

  3. Anonymous says:

    She looks like Jessica, Yoona and Yuri!! SNSD !!!

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