[DKP NEWS] f(x)'s Luna will feature in SHINee's new album!

SHINee will release their latest album,[2009,Year Of Us] on 19th October,f(x)'s member Luna will be featured in one song of the album.

In the song of the latest album with the title [Get Down],SHINee's members Key and Minho with present the song with RAP style,besides,f(x)'s Luna will also be involved in the song with her sexy vocal,which added more expectation for the song.

Before SHINee made their comeback,SM has released members' new style one by one from Jong Hyun,Tae Min,Onew,Minho to Key.Their first stage for their latest hit song "Ring Ding Dong" will be shown on Music Bank that will be aired on 16th October,they will be active soon.

Besides,SHINee has strated to release the teasers of the songs in their latest album surprisingly to attract netizens' attention.Hit song "Ring Ding Dong" will be released on various music sites such as melon,dorisak and cyworld on 14th October.


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  1. Wow f(x)'s Luna Love it<333

  2. Anonymous says:

    luna and SHINee fighting!

  3. Anonymous says:

    luna will be second yuri...cos she looks sexy

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