[DKP NEWS] IU shows "rainbow smile" on signing event!

Singer IU had her fan signing event on 26th September,the event started on 1 PM at a complex in Seoul.IU showed her "rainbow" smile during the signing event.IU was interview on that day and she said,"I am really happy and appreciate the support of my fans.Although i am busy with my schedule nowadays,but i am now working on my new album,i will meet you guys with my new album very soon!"

At 8PM on the same day,she attended KBS HAPPY FM and performed in a university.She is still promoting her song "U Know" .Lastly,she will appear as a MC on MBC's show.

Kacey @ Daily K Pop News

I know the news is a bit outdated,since we have not posted it here,so i translated it.

IU's best ever performance (In my opinion)

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    agree ;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    totally agree...i love this performance

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