[DKP NEWS] Seeing idols' past through TV!

That little kid has become the idol..let's find the past of the hot idols nowadays from the Television!

Idols nowadays have made some preparations when they are young to ensure a place on k pop scene.They made good use of the TV so that they have a chance to debut as a singer.
There are a total of 3 ways for them to appear on TV.

Firstly,they appear through the casting of LIVE shows .Secondly,they appeared as an actor or actress in TV drama so that people will recognise them in the future.Lastly,some of them also appeared on TV through commercials!

f(x)'s Sulli is a great example of idol appearing through TV,she appeared on a live show "So Dong Yo"Before,she is also an actress in "Punch Lady".

Besides,f(x)'s Krystal ,SNSD's Yoona and Soo Young have appeared on many CFs before they debuted as SNSD's members.

It is going to be beneficial for artists to appear on TV since they are young as they have the opportuniy to train their confidence as well as gaining popularity.

Some of the old cuts of idols appearing on TV when they were young!!

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