[DKP NEWS] SNSD maknae's revenge!

SNSD will wear hanbok during KBS Hello Baby show that will be aired on 6th October to celebrate Chuseok,besides SNSD members will also perform traditional dance during that episode.

If you are a big fan of SNSD,i think you still remember that SNSD's maknae Seo Hyun was fooled by the hidden camera in Episode 4,Seo Hyun will have her revenge on this episode by adding WASABI in the biscuit she is going to prepare in that episode.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i can;t imagine what will her unnies do to her after the revenge.. <3 SNSD 4 ever

  2. Anonymous says:

    <3SNSD Do wat u wan take wat u can and give nth back!!!lawls

  3. Anonymous says:

    SNSD...the dorkiest n funniest girl group ever..
    even the maknae, the matured oone doesnt think to act alllllll idol style..jjang!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    aaa.. i love snsd... seohyun..^^..she's gonna take the revenge..
    i wonder who the first who will eat that..

  5. Anonymous says:

    ^ i bet sooyoung will. hahaha shikshin :p

  6. Anonymous says:

    wahahaha love them!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    OMO,i think yoona and sooyoung will eat it.

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