[DKPNews] More Information about China-Korea Song Festival 2009

2009 China and South Korea Song Festival is held today (October 6) at Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center Grand Theater. Super Junior M and other South Korean stars will join that event for showing their new songs such as : Super Girl, Fashion Girls, Because I Was Too Dumb, etc.

And on October 9, CCTV-3 (China's TV channel) will air the event at 7:30 PM.

Super Junior M, a chinese boyband which was formed from a popluar Korean boyband Super Junior on 2008, will perform their new song called "Super Girl" and "At Least There's YOu" there.

Besides Super Junior M, SS501 will also bring their latest songs from theme song of Boys Before Flowers "Because I'm SO Stupid" and their latest single "All My Love".

Korean songs that will be performed there:

1. Super Girl (SJM)
2. At Least There's You (SJM)
3. One More Time (Jewelry)
4. 맛
5. Spark 스파크
6. There's Good Man (Ryan)
7. 페이스 북은
8. 두 사람 (Chaeyeon)
9. Shake (Chaeyeon)
10. 자유 비행
11. 비오는 밤 (Water Wizard)
12. Women Heart
13. As
14. Love Novice
15. Glorious
16. Let Me
17. Miracle
18. Because I'm so Stupid (SS501)
19. All My Love (SS501)
20. La Cha Ta (f(x))
21. Ring Song (Hangeng)
22. Alieli (Lee Jung Hyun)
23. Fashion Girls (Lee Jung Hyun)
24. All Alive
25. Sky
26. Singing for a Dream (all singers)

*Performances are live!

reported by : 陈茜
translated by snowwhite99 @ Daily Kpop News
take out with full credits!

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