[Info]KHottests' Official Plans for Dream Concert!


Announcement regarding the Dream Concert on October 10

Hi, this is Underground.

We inform about the Dream Concert that will be on October 10.

As we have stated on the Fan Union Statement released on September 10th, we plan to boycott the Dream Concert; and we plan to react to the event with “nonchalance”.

So, we please ask not to search “2pm Dream Concert”, “DC 2pm”, “2pm” etc on the search engine websites. Please be nonchalant about the event.

October 10th is the day we carry on the project of “Beautiful Day” (with the help of “Beautiful Shop”), which is the final event followed by the “old clothes donations” event Underground has been carrying on. Please help us wrap up this project, and we will put up another announcement later about the details of “Beautiful Day”.

Thank you.

(+) If the appearance of 2PM at the Dream Concert is certain (right now the appearance is unsure), we plan to put up a banner supporting Jay. We will inform further details in another announcement.

CREDITS: Underground and 2ONEDAY!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i think they should stop all this...it's just that Jay left because he wanted to and because he wanted to protect his members from things like this...but now i think all the pain he went trough to deal with this situation is not paying off...

    he will comeback when he is ready...and i think the fans should support him and the rest of the boys...

    just my opinion...i'm sure not many will feel the same about it

  2. Anonymous says:

    To the person above me, or is it below me?

    Did you read this article on 20D?
    There's another part to it...

    We are supporting him and the rest of the boys.
    Do you think that the people who gave up the tickets are happy about doing this?
    They're doing it for all 7 of them.
    And, there's going to be a banner for 6PM and Jay at the concert.
    So, it's not like they're not supporting them.
    They still are, but they're not going to do the chants and go and ect.
    But the people who are going, are putting up a banner to show their support.
    Please, if you don't know all the latest things, please check 2OD.

  3. Anonymous says:

    oh I'm sorry....I'm not a fan of 2pm but i was just interested in them so i don't got to 2OD(i love watching variety shows when they are quests hehe)...nope i haven't read the whole article, i didn't know there was more to it...that's why i assumed this ^_^ sorry about that...i guess for someone like me reading just this part of the article can be a bit misleading..

    i apologize now that i know what exactly you guys are doing ^_^;

  4. Anonymous says:

    hottest fighting!
    I hope Jay is encouraged by this
    and good things will come about this

    Jay we love you and we miss you so much
    come back soon jay!
    get better. get stronger and still
    reach for that goal.

    dont forget that we will wait for you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jay please come back to where you
    belong. we miss you and we love
    you so much. dont let anyone or
    anything bring you down or stop
    you from getting where you strive
    to be. we will support you and help
    you all the way. we're waiting for
    you, Jay. come back soon! 2PM won't
    ever be 2PM without you. no matter
    what anyone says, I think you are a
    great person and amazing role model.
    I wish you'd come back. keep your
    head up and be strong! don't ever
    forget that we are waiting for you.
    ALWAYS. hottest fighting!
    bring jay back, jyp

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jay take your time. come back when you are ready!
    but don't forget that we will always be waiting for you! always.

    we miss you and we love you so much!
    2pm is nothing without you!
    you're a great leader and you're the only 2pm leader.
    no one can replace you, and 2PM can never be 2PM without
    all 7 members!

    2PM has become an amazing
    group, especially under their leader, Jay!

    We need Jay, and 2PM needs Jay!
    Most importantly, Jay needs us!!

    Jay we'll support you to the end!

  7. Anonymous says:

    i'm fed up with this boycotting issue. WHY CAN'T YOU JUST SUPPORT THEM.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ^ Hottests are still supporting them.
    Didn't you read what Anonymous at 10:36am said?

  9. Anonymous says:

    i agree. the members are all hurt from his absence and
    now the fans want to boycott :( i love 2PM and all and
    if the boycott helps id do it but its so painful to
    imagine the group you love so much up there with NO cheering and
    NO fans and NO banners.it breaks my heart T_T

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