[NEWS] 4Minute bake cake to say "Thanks"!

4Minute debuted under Cube Entertainment this year in June, and 3 months later, they stood on a prize-receiving stage. With sincerity and grattitude, these 5 girls made a cake to say “thanks” to those who have supported them along the way.

29th September, Star Wide News and Entertainment Haha Song(?) revealed the cube cake (as in a cake in the shape of a cube. See the pun?) 4Minute made. Staffs of the programmes directly complimented the girls through radio.

On 27th September, 4Minute received their first trophy on SBS Inkigayo. Muzik became the most popular song.

A representative from Haha Song(?) said,”We wish to help all those who want to express their appreciation. Singers usually focus on the sales of their albums, but 4Minute, being a popular girl group, did something to this extent. Their achievement can receive nothing but more approvals.” (Here I think he meant that unlike most artists, they care about their album sales PLUS how to thank their supporters. With their focus on so many things, they STILL received a prize and their songs are SO POPULAR. This only shows that these girls are superhumans and good/capable beyond description.)

Also, some special Chuseok programmes featuring 4Minute and other idol groups would be broadcasted during the festive period.

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