[DKP NEWS] Dream Concert 2009

2PM(missing ex-leader Jaebeom)

The 2009 DREAM CONCERT had finally taken place today(October 10) in the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 6:30 PM
Here are the singers who have performed in the Dream Concert.
1. Super Junior
2. Big Bang
3. Girls Generation (SNSD)
4. MC Mong
5. 2PM
6. SHINee
7. Jewelry
8. 2NE1
9. 4Minute
10. Chae Yeon
11. Hwee Sung
12. Park Hyo Shin
13. Kara
14. T-ara
15. f(x)
16. Kim Tae Woo
17. 2AM

The hot topic was 2PM, who was missing their leader Jae Beom. HOTTESTs, which are 2PM's official fan club, had decided to boycott 2PM without Jaebeom.
In the Dream Concert, 2PM wasn't highly popular with the audience, and their appearances will be deleted before it will be on TV.
The 2009 Dream Concert will be broadcasted on TV on October 11th(Sunday) at 3:30 PM through SBS.

Credits : www.newsen.com
Jinsoo @ Daily KPOP NEWS

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  1. Anonymous says:

    huh? 2pm appearance will be deleted? that's so sad. i also did't want jaebum to leave but it's not fair to other 2pm members. why ask them to do the performance and then did'nt air it on tv?

  2. Anonymous says:

    exactly what i was thinking

  3. Anonymous says:
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  4. Anonymous says:

    cant do that
    im 2pm fan 2...
    n of coz i love jaebom
    but we can do that 4 our beloved 2pm
    poor them ne...
    at least we should show our support even wthout their leader...
    jay oppa plez cme bck...
    everyone need n miss u so much...

  5. Betty says:

    i cant wait till snsd performance!!!Hwaiting.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well this is what happens when plans backfire.
    2PM fans thought boycotting the event for Jay is helpful. In the end, it causes the performance to be cut out.

    Think of the other members, people.

  7. can't wait for f(x) and SHINee!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    that's a pretty big gap to fill!!! hope jay comes back soon!!

  9. Anonymous says:


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