[News] Get To Know Child of Empire closer

Star Empire Entertainment is set to debut a new 9 member boy band "Child of Empire".

Following the street performance tradition of Park Jung Ah and VOS, the group will ride around the city in a truck and perform guerrilla style in various locations from 28th September to build up experience and gain support.

Child of Empire first showed their faces back in April, on MNET's "Office Reality" where it showed them training up for their debut. Some of the members have reportedly trained for more than four years. No mention of the girls who were on the same show too.

Among them, Park Hyeong Sik (19) appeared as the boyfriend in Jewlery S "Date" video. Moon Joon Yeong (21) became very popular on Mnet's "Flower Boys Terror". These two along with 7 others will make up the new group.

Child of Empire will make their official debut in November. (allkpop)

Get to know them closer!!

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  1. Anonymous says:
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  2. Anonymous says:

    wow they are all so damn light.

  3. Anonymous says:

    when is this band gonna come out?

  4. hmm, i like si wan huah5 :))

  5. yg_bigD says:

    if anyone is a fan join their international forum:


  6. tvxqlove says:

    park hyung shik's birthday is a day before mine woo

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