[NEWS] IRIS Controversy

Taewon Entertainment that produce Iris Drama announce that tomorrow Iris will still be aired but looking at now condition it can open up a "gyeolbang" affairs. And if this kind of punitive conditions continued the show cannot be aired". They also said that they will do last negotiation but today broadcast still will be done and the broadcasters won't pass the trailer tape. "We have confidence in our work so if we can broadcast ours at KBS, we thinking about next year we will have half of it broadcasted in other broadcasters,"
But anyway, the first programme that will be aired on 14th October still will be done by KBS producers because they still not end their official contracts, and eventhough they have this kind of situation KBS already get 2.45 Billion Won from IRIS 1-6 episode commercials.

Jong Taeweon said that "we're already delayed the contracts but KBS contract has been sent on last 8th". And Jong said that "above all we're still the producers, but when we see KBS homepage there's no our name on IRIS's credits and only name of KBS people exist there. People who never showed up at the field how can their name be the producers and the crew?" and he also said, "KBS called that as habitual, but shouldn't at least they give the credits to our names?"

On KBS side, they said that "tomorrow we already promised to our viewer to broadcast the drama so we can't have this kind of Gyeolbang," and "currently, both sides are talking for finding a smooth resolution,"

note: Gyeolbang or 결방 = punishment/end/discipline

Source : news.sbs.co.kr , http://bigbangvip.net/index.php?showtopic=3272
Credits to :kiroschka@bbvip.net(TRANS)

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