[News] JQT Performs in their Online Showcase

A couple days ago, we reported that new girl quartet JQT would be having an online showcase. Well on the 12th, 9:00PM, in Seoul HongDae V Hall, they held their live concert for 300 lucky fans!

JQT's showcase was streamed live through Pandora TV and JQT's homepage, with 100,000 viewers who were watching this live stream. In the showcase, JQT sang their debut album tracks "I Fell For You" and "NONONO" as well as also busting out their own special and unique talents.

Special guests Namolla Family, which MC-ed the showcase, and Outsider, who performed "Loner" and "Youth's Confession," also fired up the stage, making the show a more exciting spectacle to watch.

One related source of JQT stated, "We did not ask of anything from JQT, as we wanted them to just show their relaxed and normal self. ... We also received a lot of comments [from viewers] that they felt a fresh feeling from their performances from the rookies. ... It looks like people are giving them lot of support, as well as getting more interested in JQT."


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