[news] JunJin unable to go to New York for Infinity Challenge?

JunJin has revealed the real reason on why he could not attend MBC's Infinity Challenge - Destination: New York project.

For those who cannot recall this whole fuss is about, on the episode which aired on the 18th of July, three of the Infinity Challenge members (Yoo Jae Suk, Noh Hong Chul and Jun Jin) were randomly chosen to go to New York after spinning the wheel of fortune.

JunJin was however unable to attend the New York project because JunJin will be enlisting for the military on the 22nd. JunJin's manager said, "Because of JunJin's upcoming enlistment, he is in a situation where he is not able to travel overseas."

JunJin was actually supposed to enlist last October, but due to his physical condition and work, he had delayed his enlistment for 3 times until this month.

With JunJin being 29 this year, it's difficult for him to delay the enlistment once more. If so, JunJin's last recording of Infinity Challenge be today, 15th October, and currently in the midst of filming.

A representative for MBC stated, "We are surprised about this sudden notice for JunJin." JunJin has filed for another delay in the enlistment due to a pending surgery to be done on his injured wrist, but if it's not approved, he will have to enlist himself on 22nd October and receive 4 weeks of basic military training.

Source: allkpop

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