[News] Kim Ki Bum Shooting 《Korb Fah Tawun Diew》With Mario !

《Korb Fah Tawun Diew》 is a television drama co-production of "Thailand Channel 9" (泰国9台)and Korea. Thai star , Mario Maurer whom had became famous after acting in《Love Of Siam》 , has decided to take over the first television drama 《Korb Fah Tawun Diew》since he debuted.He would be shooting this drama with Korea idol group U-Kiss's member Kim Ki Bum. This drama will start filming in October.

This is the first time Mario acting in a drama , in an interview , he said :" I was determined to play my first television drama role , but right now I could not tell you too much information , it had to be confidential , hopefully it would be a surprise for the audience . The role I am playing in the drama is a character that has undergone great trauma , therefore , there are some difficulties in playing that role . For this , I concentrate on learning acting courses , to improve my acting skills."

In order to play his role well , Mario always read the script .

Previously , Mario has always been acting in movies , for the first time , filming a television drama , he also expressed his feelings . He said : " In my opinion , television drama and movies are very different . From the view of script , television drama's script is much longer than the movie's , so I have to concentrate more. In this new drama , I will be filming with lots of other stars , besides Thai stars , there is also Korea star , Kim Ki Bum ."

Reporter : In this drama , Thai star or Korea star , who is the main character?

Mario : I think every character is different , each character in the drama is indispensable.

《Korb Fah Tawun Diew》 will start filming in October , by that time , Mario and the other crew members will fly to Korea for filming .

Source : http://www.022net.com/2009/10-13/447274233127067.html
Translated by : -Estee28♥~ @ Daily Kpop News

I had no idea who is the Thai star , Mario Maurer so I google-d ! Here are some information about Mr. Mario.

-son of German father and a Thai/Chinese
-Age 20
- Raised in Thailand
-actor , model , singer
-He won the Best Actor award in Starpics Thai Films Awards and also nominated in Bangkok Critics Assembly and Star Entertainment Awards

Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario_Maurer

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  1. Kim Ki Bum. Kawaii ne honto<333

  2. Beerae says:

    I Live in Thailand

    In News not Kim Kibum Super Junior

    But He is Kim Kibum U-Kiss

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mario Maurer!
    he is in LOVE OF SIAM.
    kinda homo-indie-film.

  4. ice says:

    OMG!! Mario is Love. :))) TONG!!! Love of Siam. <3

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