[News] Who’s the one in sunglasses?

None other than our favorite 2NE1 oddball, Sandara Park!

On October 13, Sandara Park uploaded a picture of herself on her me2day with a caption saying:

"After stealing Cee Erru's (CL's nickname) sunglasses and wearing them, the response from the other members turned out to be different from what I had expected, which was...

'unnie you look like an ajuhmma!' (an woman old enough to get married) how dare Cee Erru and Ming Kki burst out in laughter! -_- You little!"

Along with the hilarious caption, Sandara Park adds another which says, "How is this like an ajuhmma?! Looks more like cool Darongi!" (Dara's nickname)

2NE1 will be on SBS's "Strong Heart" on the 13th.

I've just finished watching Strong Heart Live ! although there are no Subs !but it is definitely a show to watch and it is hilarious !.Stay tune for the videos !


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  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW. Dara's wearing sunglasses! BREAKING NEWS!!! *rolls eyes*

  2. Love it DARA kawaii ne honto^^

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