[news] Lee Seung Gi and Son Dam Bi selected best ad models

Korean entertainers Lee Seung-gi and Son Dambi have been selected the best advertising models, according to an advertising association. The Korean Advertisers Association(KAA) on Tuesday announced Lee and Son as the winners of the model-of-the-year award at the 2009 KAA Annual Conference, to be held in Seoul next week.

Lee, a popular singer and actor who starred in the hit drama "Shining Inheritance", has been advertising many products, including Samsung Zippel kimchi refrigerator, Seoul Milk, Woongjin Foods Hanulbori, Hite beer Max and KB Banking Group.

Son, a singer who recently appeared in the SBS drama "Dream", was the model for Samsung's Anycall Haptic Amoled mobile phone, cosmetic brand Enprani, Domino's Pizza and casualwear Bean Pole Jeans.


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    seung gi oppa fighting!!!! congratulations!!

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