[News] SM Conflicts, DBSK/THSK/TVXQ China Shenzhen Concert in November

With the ongoing dispute of exclusive contract issue, yet group TVXQ will once again hold their concert in China in November.

After completing the concert in Shanghai, China on October 2nd, TVXQ is heading to Guangdong province, Shenzhen to hold “TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour – MIROTIC in Shenzhen” in Shenzhen Stadium on November 21st. The ticket site has already sold tickets starting on the 5th at http://live.damai.cn/sz/ticket_12870.html, and receives advanced sales.

However, about the accomplishment of this concert is still being problem. This is because since last July, three TVXQ members including Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu applied provisional disposition to terminate the exclusive contract effect against SM which has been creating conflicts. Currently both side are waiting for the court’s decision.

Even if the court agrees and wins the three members’s provisional disposition application of exclusive contract effects, still the whole five members are expected to attend the concert. The reason is that both sides even with the legal conflict is still running, had possessed a strong determination, “TVXQ concert that is promised to the fans will be proceed as planned.”

In fact, other than the ‘SM Town Live 09′ concert that was scheduled for August 16th, TVXQ has performed every single official overseas activity that they had planned. This was to lessen the shock the fans would have felt.

On the 5th SM official officer stated, “Unless there’s a big incident, the schedule of TVXQ in the future will be executed as planned.”

However, to see it in different way, there’s an incident involving the recent released picture of skinny Changmin that has been spread rapidly in internet which is rising many comments such as “Isn’t it because the schedule of them is too heavy to be followed!” and “With all the concert schedules, they’re definitely not having any rest soon, and we’re concerned about the members’ health.”

source: SPN + Sports Chosun
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  1. dbsk4ever says:

    i love dbsk hahaha

  2. YEONA says:

    haven't seen that "skinny"pic of Minnie, but i hope everything will be alright. Lots and lots of love going your way DBSK, your Cassies never ever will lose the FAITH. DONG BANG SHIN KI FOREVER !!!!

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