[news] Sung Yuri used to lip sync during her Fin.K.L days?

Sung Yuri of the ex-girl group Fin.K.L told Kang Ho Dong on Golden Fishery today that she used to lip sync while promoting with Fin.K.L.

Yuri was discovered on the street so she was merely chosen on her looks. After telling Kang Ho Dong she sang an S.E.S. song for the actual audition, he asked her to sing it again. The singer-turned-actress then said, "Don't you know? I used to lip sync!"

While walking, someone told her that he wanted her to be in the "next S.E.S.," and at first this made Sung Yuri and her friends suspicious but after finding out that Sechskies was in the same company, she went to see Sechskies.

On this episode, Yuri talked about her fear of fangirls and her hurt feelings about her criticized acting skills. When she would go on stage with her Fin.K.L members at an event where other boy bands were there, all the fan girls of those boy groups would turn their back on Fin.K.L while they performed.

One time, Sung Yuri was in the bathroom and she ran into fan girls. The fan girls called Sung Yuri such horrible names she couldn't even defend herself. She was afraid of getting attacked so she just left. As a young girl, things like that hurt her and stayed with her.

As she talked about being criticized on her acting, Yuri shed some tears. She said, "I could deal with people telling me I was a bad actor. I couldn't deal with people telling me I didn't try hard."

Because of the success she has now, I thought she always was treated as a princess. Sung Yuri definitely had it the hard way.

This episode featuring Sung Yuri today had a viewer rate of 16.5% which is higher than last week's, 15.9%

credits: allkpop

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