[NEWS] Super Junior’s Heechul to Release Solo Song

It has just been revealed that Super Junior's Kim Heechul will release a solo track for the OST of SBS's "I Love You Thousand Times."

Park Sae Joon, the music director of this drama, recommended Heechul to do a solo track entitled "ChoByul," which will be his theme song.

Through concerts Heechul has shown a variety of solo stages in the past, but this will be his first official solo song. The song will also be released through online portal sites such as Bugs, Melon, and Dosirak on November 6th.

Stay tuned to this weekend's episode of "I Love You Thousand Times," as viewers will be able to hear his song "ChoByul" for the very first time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope to hear the song soon ! (:
    Heechul oppa , fighting !

  2. Super Me says:

    saranghae heechul oppa.

  3. Anonymous says:

    himnaeja heechul oppa

  4. Anonymous says:

    heechul oppa!!!=)))
    we'll support u!!!

  5. isumone says:


  6. Jessica ELF says:

    Wow!!! Heechul oppa has released a solo song I am quite curious about it, I have never seen it before, it was released 6th november has anyone heard it?? I am very curious can someone give me a link or something for the song??

    Heechul Hwaiting!!!!!!

  7. saranghae heechul oppa..♥

  8. Anonymous says:

    iloveyou heenim ;))

  9. Korean Lady says:

    Support u always, Heenim..
    God bless..

  10. i'v hEard the song! oppa hwaiting..

  11. chiho says:

    heechull oppa... you're so cute... :)

  12. adra says:

    i've heard it! super fantastic!

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