[news] Tablo and Kang HyeJung to get married on 26th October

Hip hop group Epik High member Tablo will be holding his wedding with actress Kang HyeJung on 26th October at 2pm.

Previously in September, Tablo announced on Epik High’s official website MapTheSoul the news of Kang HyeJung’s pregnancy and also news that the couple will be getting married within this year. And the date of their wedding has been chosen.

Initially with Epik High releasing their new album and doing promotions, it is hard to decide on their wedding date. But recently with the news of member DJ Tukutz’s wedding and military enlistment news, Epik High will be saying goodbye for now as Tukutz enlist for military service, and hence Tablo can more decide on the wedding date more freely.

The news of their wedding date was known through Tablo’s close friend Gil. Gil said on tvN ENews on 9th October, “Tablo and Kang HyeJung will be holding their wedding on 26th October.”

Meanwhile, member DJ Tukutz will be getting married with his girlfriend, 2 years older than him, on 13th October and will enlist for military service on 15th October.


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