[NEWS] Teens favor DBSK/THSK/TVXQ vs 40's favor Yonsama (Bae)

A local report from Japan: Favored Korean boom star differs by the age group.

091006 : Sports Seoul: Sports Seoul.com. Tokyo:

The term Hanryu was initially created by Chinese media in early 2000.
In Japan after the broadcast of the Korean drama, 'Winter Sonata' in 2003.
Korean boom has become the heat which has obviously been cooled down now
since five years has been past thereafter.

However, there still remains the South Korean performances which are
favored by Japanese according to each age group.

The young generations who like aural senses tend to like Korean singers.
The reason is that these singers satisfy all of their senses such as their listening interests and visual interests.

On the other hand, one's in their thirties favor actores such as Hyunbin, Song Hegyo,
Song Sunhon, who features their attractive looks.

And the people in their forties and fifties who are full of sensitivities greatly favors
Yon sama (Bae Youngjoon) who had the warm imagine in his dramas.

Here are the list of the South Korean stars whom Japanese like

according to their age group.

- Teens 20's: Singers.

"I do not know any actors in the Korean drama, but I know singers".
A Japanese High school student shared her word with the journalist.
They do not see Korean dramas but they listen to Korean singers music is what she told us.

The singers whom these age group especially like are TVXQ and BOA, SS501, and FT Island, etc.
These singers all sold Japanese records in Japanse market.
They promote and do Japanese activities just like Japanese singers.

All these Japanese who were interviewed knew that these singers are from South Korea.
Especially among these age group from Teens to 20's,
it did not seem to matter weather the singers are South Koreans or not.

A college woman in her twenties, Naomi (21) said,
"I believe that if they are in my age group, they would parhaps like TVXQ". "
I also listen to other Korean music by other Korean artists".

Talking about such a phenomenon, Mr. Yuki a local Japanese journalist mentioned that
"TVXQ's popularity in Japan is no different from Johnny's idol groups in Japan.
Their looks and the music is well matched to Japanese style.
So, there is no problem for them to be accepted here in Japan."

T/N): Many fans who participated the TSC Tokyo Dome concert had reported that around
half of the fans were about TVXQ's age group or younger and the other half were older than TVXQ.

So, to know actual number of the age group, we would need to hear from Avex, Bigeast Fan Club.

I personally believe that the numbers of fans who are in TVXQ's age group are
increasing rapidly in Japan more than the older group.

For example, Yonsama never appeared in the teens or 20's magazines (such as VIVI and Seventeen)
but TVXQ's appearance in those magazines are inevitable.

Source: daum+diana
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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For more information, DBSK is under AVEX in Japan :)

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