[News] WonderGirls’ photo misused by African newspaper for article related to young girls dating older men?

It is known that a newspaper in Swaziland southeast Africa has commited inappropriate use of a photo of the WonderGirls.

A newspaper in Swaziland ran an article on 25th September about the reasons to why young girls date older men. And together with the article was a photo of WonderGirls (when HyunA was still part of the group) posted.

It was inappropriate use of the of photo because the content of the article had nothing to the do with the girls. And at the bottom of the photo, it was written, “YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL… Young girls prefer dating older men for a number of reasons.”

A JYP Entertainment representative said, “After knowing the news, we are currently confirming the truth with the media company in Africa. After that, we will take actions.”

Meanwhile, the WonderGirls are preparing for the release of their 1st American album.

Most recent of the girls in America


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