[NEWS]2NE1 Sends ChuSeok Messages!

For Koreans today, it was a time for festivals and mainly… eating! And of course, the sweet idol group, 2NE1 is here bringing you sweet messages for the ChuSeok holiday!

The signed messages from the 2NE1 members (order: CL, Bom, Dara, Min Ji)

[translated by your sub writer, Nulsaranghae (aka. Ji Youn) ]:

To : CL’s Princesses and Princes

During ChuSeok meet Sanbunnies like the full moon and eat alot of yummy food! Have fun with your family! To ChuSeok break go go go~

To: Gong Ka’s Black Jays

The fun ChuSeok is here~ Let’s make alot of SongPyeons that BomBunny or Bomtaro might like and when ChuSeok is over let’s work on a diet together! kkk

To: Gong Ka Family

What’s up! ChuSeok is here again! Clap clap clap! You guys too make SongPyeon like 2NE1 and send it to your parents. In a long time have a fun time with your family and cousins! Oh… make sure to watch Idol Big Show~ We are going to be coming out and anticipate the totally cute SanBunny’s look!

To: Gong Ka’s Unnie, Oppa, DongSaeng, and friends!

Everyone! It is the greatest of the holidays, ChuSeok! The best of all will be spending time with the family, this will make you the warmest~! Have a happy ChuSeok!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy ChuSeok to 2NE1..!!!

    2ne1 ah gogogo


  2. Anonymous says:

    they r cute..hehe

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