[News]After School’s cameo appearance as ‘Before School’ on ‘You’re Are Beautiful’

Female 6-member group After School has transformed as Before School(?).

After School members did a cameo appearance for the first episode of SBS new drama ‘You Are Beautiful’.

Group member UEE takes on the role as national fairy Yoo HaeEe in the drama, and the After School members have appeared as group ‘Before School’ for their cameo appearance.

After School member plays members of ‘Before School’ who are from the same company as flower boys idol band ‘A.N.JELL’ in the show. And they were featured in a scene at a club party where they are noonas (?) having interests on Go MiNam (Park ShinHye) who was dressed as a guy.

The first episode of the drama ‘You Are Beautiful’ will be aired on 7th October, starring Jang GeunSeok, Park ShinHye, Lee HongKi, UEE, Jung YoungHwa, Kim InKwon etc.


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  1. cant wait for the episode to be subbed!!! :X

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