[NEWS]DJ Tukutz to get married on 13th, and enlist for military service on 15th Oct

Group Epik High member DJ Tukutz (Kim JungSik, 28) will be getting married with a female 2 years older than himself on 13th October.

He posted the news of his upcoming wedding and also the date of his enlistment for military duty on 7th October on Epik High’s official site.

He wrote, “I will be enlisting for military service coming 15th October. Before I get enlisted, I would like to relay the happiest news of my life. I finally get to make the promise of ‘Stand By Me’ with my love of 10 years real.”

He continued, “Even though I don’t know if people will think of this as convenience, I’ve decided to make a lifetime promise with the girl I love. I, Kim JungSik, is getting married.”

When one of the news media contacted Epik High’s side, they said, “DJ Tukutz’s date of military enlistment came too sudden, that is why there is a rush for him to do the wedding. Initially the plan is for him to get married after couple Tablo and Kang HyeJung did, but it seems that the date of his wedding has been pushed forward due to his military enlistment.”

Tablo also wrote about this on Mapthesoul.com in a post titled ‘3′.

“우린, 영원. 사랑해 정식아 – Us, forever. Love you, JungSik ah”


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