[News]Kim Shin Young wants to be Yuri in her next life

Comedian Kim Shin Young has revealed she wants to be like SNSD's Yuri.

In the Korean version of The Simple Life starring many idol girls, Kim Shin Young is the MC. After the filming of the first episode, they headed to the press conference where she was asked which idol girl she would want to be is she could be born again.

She said, "I would want to be born again as Yuri. First of all, she's tall. She's also so pretty and pure. Not only that, she is carefree and cool."

Then the press asked Yuri, "So, what if you were born again as Shin Young?" She answered, "Then I want to be born again once more," which made the room crack up.

But Kim Shin Young didn't back down, "I know that in the music world, there's the G7. But in the gag world, I'm the girlish one. I have a right to be here!"

And the laughter continued. The first episode will air on the 23rd.


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    Yuri <3!

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    Love you Yuri noona <3

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