[News]Lineup & Programme List for the 11th China Korea Song Festival are out!

The 11th China Korea Song Festival will be held today (October 6th) at the Qingdao International Sailing Centre, and according to news sources from the organizing unit, the programme list is now available. According to what information is available, the broadcast of the Festival will be shown on the 9th, on channel CCTV-3.

Guest performer Super Junior-M is one of the sub-units belonging to Korean boyband Super Junior, and is currently promoting their newest mini album in much of Asia. For this performance, SJ-M will showcase the spiffy moves of their new song, , and will also at the same time, reinterpret the Sandy Lam classic, (至少還有你)

Alongside SJ-M in the popularity charts in Asia is SS501, who will also be performing today. Apart from singing the theme of , , SS501 will also debut their newest single during the Festival performance.

Programme List:

1) Super Girl, At Least There Is Still You 至少還有你 – Super Junior M
2) I Am Legend 我是傳奇, Xiao Fang 小芳 (Edited Version) – Lollipop
3) One More Time – Jewelry
4) Flavours 味道, Fireworks 火花 – Winnie Hsin 辛曉琪
5) A Good Person 참 좋은사람 – Ryan (PARAN)
6) 唱臉譜 – A-duo 阿朵
7) The Two of Us 둘이서, Shake – Chaeyeon
8) 自由飛翔 Flying Freely, 我是一隻小小鳥 I’m a Little Bird – 鳳凰傳奇 Phoenix Legend
9) 女人心 (옛날여자 Chinese Version), As – Kan Mi Youn
10) 戀愛新手 Love Newbie, 光榮 Honour - BOBO
11) Let Me, Miracle – Clon
12) Because I’m Silly 내 머리가 나빠서,Making A Lover 애인만들기 – SS501
13) LA ChA TA – f(x)
14) 戒指歌 The Ring Song - Han Geng & Chen Xiaoduo 陳小朵
15) Ari Ari 아리아리, Vogue Girl– Lee Jung Hyun
16) 但願人長久 To Hope, 天空 Sky – Tan Jing 譚晶
17) 為夢想歌唱 To Sing for Our Dreams – all participating artistes

Based off live performances sequence (?). Also, song titles might not be exactly correct, since the Chinese title is one thing and the Korean another.

Lineup & Programme List for the 11th China Korea Song Festival are out!

Source: ifensi
Translated by: hazel @ http://asianfanatics.net
Please take out with full credits

I wonder where is 2NE1...hmm may be, this is not the complete list.

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  1. Wow Love it Bigbang!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    yea, where is 2ne1?

  3. Anonymous says:

    i you missing 2NE1 they attend as well i think there last-minute invite

  4. Anonymous says:

    2ne1 was there. i think the organizer invited some groups last minute.

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