[News]Netizens say, “Growing SunMi!”

Not too long ago, was the MBC special program, “Sweet Girl” and the Wonder Girls made their special appearance.

Looks like what caught the netizens’ eyes was the height of the member, SunMi (aka. MiMi).

When the Wonder Girls appeared through a video message on the program, they greeted the audience with joy and expressed their sadness of not being able to participate in the event. They had even stated that the strongest idol member was KARA’s Goo HaRa.

Meanwhile, the netizens are currently making a fuss on how tall SunMi had gotten in the time period they had been in America. Discussing the fact about her big differences in height from the start of their debut in America and until now.

Netizens stated:

* “She’s grown so much taller. Of course, the growing idol”
* “She grew a lot and is so much prettier. Can’t wait until they come back to Korea.”

source: kbites

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